#MusicMonday - Best Weekly Music Playlist September 19 2016

#MusicMonday is a playlist that consists of the creme de la creme of the curated music on the site. Great songs to get you through the week!


Best Weekly Music Playlist September 19 2016


  1. Hold On, We're Going Home ft. Luna by Kaminsky
  2. Fool to Love by NAO
  3. Deja Vu ft. Justin Bieber by Post Malone
  4. Moving Ghosts by Sea Bed
  5. Dang! ft. Anderson Paak by Mac Miller
  6. Don't Be A Fool by Shawn Mendes
  7. Too Late Now by Anik Khan
  8. K Goodnight ft. Jessie Reyez by Tim Suby
  9. Unwind by Cam Wallace
  10. Little Bit More by Jidenna
  11. Head (Fort Romeau Remix) by Gent Mason
  12. Letters (HNNY Remix) by Rebecca & Fiona
  13. Beautiful Escape ft. Zak Abel by Tom Misch
  14. Sleeping Ute by Grizzly Bear
  15. Vanessa by Little Racer
  16. Solo (Reprise) ft. Andre 3000 by Frank Ocean
  17. Rocketfuel by Thomston
  18. 6 8 by Gabriel-Garzon Montano
  19. Decisions by Taylor Mcferrin
  20. Tilted (Paradis Remix) by Christine and the Queens



In its most general form, a playlist is simply a list of songs, but sometimes a loop. They can be played in sequential or shuffled order. The term has several specialized meanings in the realms ofradio broadcasting and personal computers. A playlist can also be a list of recorded titles on a digital video disk. On the Internet, a playlist can be a list of chapters in a movie serial; for example, Flash Gordon in the Planet Mongo is available on YouTube as a playlist of thirteen consecutive video segments. (Wikipedia)