#YouOughttaKnow - Singer Songwriter SiR

First song I ever came across from SiR was "Love You". I must have played that song hundreds of times in the ensuing week. His project Seven Sundays is fantastic. Check it out! 

SiR Starter Kit

  1. "Love You"
  2. "The Bullet and The Gun"
  3. "The Perfect Remedy"
  4. "Crashing Down"
  5. "He Deserves Your Love"


Inglewood’s Sir Darryl Farris didn’t choose music. Music chose him. The singer, songwriter, producer and engineer, known professionally as SiR, has worked with Anita Baker, Jill Scott, Robert Glasper and Tyrese — even though he didn't start taking music seriously until he was 22.

SiR showcased his innate ability to compose romantic lyrics and ethereal melodies on his 2015 sophomore album, Seven Sundays. His introspective, chill R&B sound has been praised by NPR, and his association with the Soulection collective led to a live session on Beats 1 Radio (which you can watch below). Now, at 29, as he prepares for the release of his third album, SiR is ready to transform from an underground talent to a breakthrough artist.

But all of this almost never happened.

SiR is the son of a church singer, the nephew of Prince bassist Andrew Gouche and the brother of hit songwriters Daniel and Davion Farris. His childhood was a blur of choir rehearsals and studio sessions. And that’s why he abandoned music.

“When I got out of high school, I was like, fuck that shit. My brothers writing music ... I didn’t think it was for me,” he says. “I thought it wasn’t what people wanted to see me do in my neighborhood. I figured that I had a better chance playing ball and being a kid instead of doing what my parents felt was best for me.”

While his family was making hits, Farris worked as a gym manager, but even that fell apart. “I ended up moving to Hollywood, tripping out. I was on drugs, shit like that. I lost my job. I was out there struggling and almost out on the street.”

Then his mother stepped in, and brought him back to the very thing he was running from. “She took me back to Inglewood, 22, broke as fuck. No job. My brother had a studio at my mom’s house in the back and he’s writing songs.”

One of those songs was Jaheim’s 2007 hit “Never.” Seeing the success of his brothers' songwriting team, the WoodWorks, changed SiR’s perspective. “I never enjoyed music because my parents made me do it. Once I had an opportunity to appreciate it for myself, then I fell in love.” (read the rest at LA Weekly)