#YouOughttaKnow - Singer Songwriter Daniel Caesar

Allow me to you to the amazing music of Daniel Caesar. His rendition of Kanye West's "Street Lights" turned me into an immediate believer. After delving deeper into his catalogue I am convinced that he is one of the best and most interesting artists out now. Check him out!

Daniel Caesar Starter Kit

  1. "Streetlights"
  2. "Violet"
  3. "Chevalier"
  4. "Death and Taxes"
  5. "Won't Live Here"

Complex Interview

When you think of the Toronto music scene, the first names that come to mind probably include DrakePARTYNEXTDOOR, and pretty much the whole OVO movement in general. But there's a lot more the 6 has to offer, like singer-songwriter Daniel Caesar, who is making moves in his own lane. The 21-year-old artist began singing as early as he can remember, and started to take things more seriously when he graduated high school. It was after this that Caesar met some big names in the scene, and began to work on his first EP, Praise Break. His music focuses on themes of love, the millennial generation, and religion—something that played a large role in his upbringing.

It's hard to distinguish Daniel's sound as one genre in particular. Rather, his style is an amalgamation of his influences, which includes everything from rock, R&B, soul, and gospel. While he already has four EPs under his belt, Daniel Caesar is just getting started. (Complex Mag)