#YouOughttaKnow - Singer Songwriter Xavier Omar

The first time I came across Singer Songwriter Xavier Omar's music was by way of his Sango collaboration "Middle of Things/Beautiful Wife". That song was just so right, everything about it felt so good. The further I delved into his music the more I became a fan and eventually got o meet Xavier and his manager Mike Luna. Those are my dudes. Great music, check it out.

Xavier Omar Starter Kit

  1. "The Motive Used To Be The Melody"
  2. "Middle of Things / Beautiful Wife"
  3. "Blind Man"
  4. "Lost in Nostalgia"
  5. "If This is Love"


How does Xavier Omär want to be remembered? As a risk taker. A classic voice. An artist who blurs musical lines. A fearless dreamer. And with these big goals, the 23 year old singer-songwriter isn’t wasting any time. His debut studio album, Bonfire, released on 09/02/14 followed by his EP with Sango (Soulection) titled Hours Spent Loving You, and singles Blind Man & Hesitate.

Xavier Omär takes pride in his songwriting ability and is most excited by the reward of evoking specific feelings in his listeners with his music. He draws inspiration from artists of all genres, including James Blake, Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Mumford & Sons, John Legend, Hillsong United, Frank Ocean, The Beatles, and newcomer Sam Smith. In the rare event that he’s not making music, you can find him passionately obsessing over WWE or playing video games—but music is his first love. (Afropunk)